The UBC Ultimate program was founded in 1997. Our success was limited until 2006, when two-time Callahan nominee Stephanie Chow and her husband the late, great Jamie Kelly became involved in the program. Our jerseys still bear his number, 42, along side with our logo. Chow has since led our team to Nationals three seasons in a row. 2008 was our most successful season, in which we won UPA nationals, the 2008 Centex Tournament with 12 players and the 2008 Canadian University Ultimate Championships with 7 players with only 2 returning players. After Chow passed on the coaching torch, TBirds have been lucky to have great coaches Kira Frew, Jon Hayduk, Tasia Balding and Ashley Welsh to lead a group of phenomenal ladies. In 2011, after 2 years where we lost in the game-to-go, the team has once again qualified for the USA Ultimate College Championships to return to Boulder, Colorado. We have since qualified for the 2012 National Championships in Boulder, and the 2013 Championships in Madison, Wisconsin.


Coming soon!

Are you an alumni? We would like to keep in touch with you! Please fill this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVyX2t2eGlHRVJlN2U1N1JhWWIybGc6MQ


2 thoughts on “History

  1. UBC Women won CUUC three years in a row, 1998-2000, very credible for a nascent program. All credit to the 2008 team, but your history needs some expansion.

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