UBC Ultimate currently has two sides to our organization – we are both an AMS Club as well as a competitive team that competes in the USA Ultimate College Series.

In the fall, UBC Ultimate hosts open practices for all club members to learn some skills and meet new people. We typically attend ~2 tournaments in the fall, Canadian Western University Championships and Sundodger. We also offer various tournaments, social events, and fundraisers as ways to get involved and meet new people. Club membership costs $15 and you can join at any time. We offer discounted event rates, open fall practices, organize tournaments as a couple of benefits for our members.

The UBC Ultimate competitive women’s and men’s team compete primarily in the Spring season, with tryouts in November. The competitive team is looks to compete at Nationals every year as our main goal. We practice three times a week and attend 2-3 tournaments throughout the season.

We also offer a semi-competitive B team for those looking for a different pace. The B team  practices twice a week and is looking to attend 1-2 tournaments.


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  1. They are established each season based on availability, but typically have been Tuesday and Thursdays for 2 hours each and Sunday (or Saturday) morning for three hours.

  2. Hi, do you guys have chilled pick up games ever? Are there any pickup games around UBC Vancouver? I’m moving to Canada in August.

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