Player Profile: Amy Luo

DSC00370Passion drives a team to perform at the next level. Seeing a teammate bid for every disc, playing outstanding man defence, or make an unbelievable, physics defying play causes a team to access reserves and talent otherwise unattainable. Having teammates like this are an essential catalyst for any high performing team. Amy Luo continues to invigorate the T-Birds originally as a defensive specialist, and now an offensive contributor. Amy has battled back from a multitude of injuries and other setbacks and continues to inspire her teammates to access their competitive edge. With her roles on Canada’s U23 mixed team, Amy brings fire and experience into what is the most substantial, and ultimate test of the season.

The basics:

Age: 21
Height: 159 cm
Field of study: Geography (NOT kinesiology or business, contrary to popular belief)
Position: O/D Hybrid cutter

Amy makes a grab at the Northwest Challenge Cup 2014. Photo courtesy of Tino Tran.

Amy makes a grab at the Northwest Challenge Cup 2014. Photo courtesy of Tino Tran.

How did you start playing frisbee?

I started for reals in grade 11 – In summer 2008 my friend and teammate Victoria Lam invited me to volunteer at worlds and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and since then I was determined to play ultimate and get good enough so I could play at the same tournament I was once volunteering for. 

Who is your most influential player?

I have two – two of the fastest, best, most dedicated cutters in the world (literally – both represented Canada at the world games).

Catherine Hui – she always pushes herself to go 110% and picks up the slack for everyone else. Her energy and determination to the sport and her team is infectious and it always pushes me to play my hardest. It’s been an honour to play alongside her.

Jenn Kwok – Kwok has battled against endless injuries to still be one of the best cutters in the game. Her dedication to rehab, injury prevention, and just the sport in general are incredibly inspirational. I have always kept her playing philosophy in the back of my mind – “New beginning. Go in knowing you don’t want to regret anything. Drops, throwaways who gives a crap. The only time i have ever had regrets was when i hid and played scared, so go balls out, and it will change your game i swear.” She has always believed in me from day 1 and motivates me to work hard and play hard no matter what.


Amy marks to stop a huck against Tufts at the Northwest Challenge Cup 2014. Photo courtesy of Tino Tran.

What is your favourite ultimate moment?

Scoring 8 goals against UVic at Regionals this year and proceeding to beat them on universe. I had never really played against UVic before (I always seem to get injured in the first few points and am out for the rest of the game against them) and offense has always been the biggest demon I struggle with in ultimate. So to be on the best offensive game of my life my first time playing against them was a huge personal achievement.

Favourite play?


Amy makes a layout grab at the Northwest Challenge Cup 2014. Photo courtesy of Tino Tran.

Slash break side and strike deep – the 7 cut, that or peeling in the endzone for the score. 

What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained from ultimate?

Dislocating my right shoulder 4 times over 4 years in 4 different cities.

Any hobbies?

Photography, snowboarding, bunnies, anything UBC REC related 

What teams do you play on outside of TBirds?

TC U23 Mixed, Battlecats, and now Zephyr

On top of playing frisbee Amy loves coaching. She started coaching juniors last summer and got so invested and considers it one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support Amy and the rest of the UBC TBirds Ultimate Team.


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