Player Profile: Peter Yu

1074083_10151653351775208_2073922166_oTenacity, intelligent play, and a strong mental game are qualities by all frisbee players, especially those on the defensive side of the disc. In his time on the T-Birds, Peter has undergone a renaissance. Originally starting out as an offensive downfield threat, he honed his defensive craft, becoming an all-star defender, and a disc-dominant distributor. The metamorphosis resulted in a rare type of player that has a enviable symbiosis of defensive instincts and offensive aptitude. Add to the fact “Petey” plays every point like it’s his last on the field, his multi-faceted game leaves many teams wondering “What just happened?”


The basics

Name: Peter YuScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.11.02 PM
Height: 170cm
Age: 2
Field of study: Mostly English
Position: Squirrel

How/when did you start playing ultimate?

Started in grade 11 when my PE teacher kept pestering me to tryout; said yes for the
hunnies. (Hunnies are girls in case you were confused.)

Who is your most influential player & why?

Aaron Liu & Oscar Pottinger; I’ve tried to emulate Aaron’s defensive game and Oscar’s offensive game. Work in progress. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.10.17 PMWhat is your favourite ultimate moment? 

Playing at Pumpkin Pull in 2013 with a pick-up team called Where’s Waldo. I think our average height was 5’4. Our girls were super sick though, and carried us through the tournament where we lost in the finals on Universe point to a mash-up of old Furious/Traffic players. I got to meet Mike Grant; his flick pull is ridiculous.  

Favourite throw/ultimate play?

Throwing a floaty OI flick to a big Fred Lam sky for the goal, while I am falling down. 

Any hobbies outside of ultimate?

Watching the NBA, surfing YouTube, Pokemon, making fun of Guo, being terrible at playing pool, reading.

Have you played on any club/pro teams outside of TBirds?1116139_10100556532736541_80562493_o

Furious George / Vancouver Nighthawks, Blackfish, Team Canada

Any interesting facts about you?

If I were any taller, I’d probably have pursued my dream of becoming an NBA player instead of playing frisbee. I think of that every time someone inevitably tells me I’d be a super sick frisbee player if I were a little bit taller;dawg I’d be rockin’ the NBA by now!

Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support Peter and the team, and even get some Thunderbird gear.



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