Player Profile: Liam Stobart

Being a “Student-Athlete” entails a delicate balance between academic success and athletic performance. Liam’s ability to balance a demanding work and school schedule with ultimate performance is something that every T-Bird desires. Known for his shifty cutting, surgically precise throws, and seeing the field at another level, Liam “Doc” Stobart has been making plays for the T-Birds for the past 5 years, all while finishing up his undergrad in Biochemistry and his M.D.



The basics

Name: Liam Stobart
Height: 179cm
Age: 26
Field of study: Medicine
Position: Offensive Mastermind

How/when did you start playing ultimate?

In 2005, our high school grad class decided to start a frisbee team so all our friends could play a sport starting out together as beginners. I played mostly rec ultimate until 2010 when I joined the UBC team.

What is your favourite ultimate moment? 

Beating Oregon for the NW regional title in 2011. 

Favourite throw/ultimate play?

He didn’t answer this question, but I know for a fact it’s his squat flick huck. It’s hard to describe, and you’ll have to see it in person. 

Any hobbies outside of ultimate?

NFL Fantasy Football

Have you played on any club/pro teams outside of TBirds?

Richie and Friends, University of Queensland “Lovers”

Any interesting facts about you?

I have a twin brother.

Liam is in his 4th year of Medicine, and has really enjoyed his time with the T-Birds. Despite the costs of tuition, Liam has greatly appreciated the connections he has made with his teammates, the outlet for physical activity, and enjoys representing the T-Bird name. Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support Liam and the team, and even get some Thunderbird gear.



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