Player Profile: Josh Cutler

A team’s identity is characterized by the way it responds to adversity, success, and the process in which it tackles the quandaries that our sport presents. Over the course of a season, a tournament, or even a practice, energy levels can subside, and concentration fades to distraction. One team member that embodies the T-Bird spirit, and inspires his team to take it to the next level is Josh “Mountain Man” Cutler.   Known for his zeal for life, seizing the moment, and just overall boyish charm, Josh can always be counted on for a good pick-me-up, introspective discussion, or general tidbit. Despite being hampered by injuries last year, Josh inspired the team by an aggressive rehab and commitment to take the field. After making his debut at President’s Day Invite this year, Josh can always be counted on for tireless effort on defence and promoting the overall well-being of the T-Birds. Clearly, not enough can be said about the Mountain Man.

The Basics906688_354638127987302_655620462_o

Name: Josh Cutler

Height: 180cm (182 with hair)
Age: 23
Field of study: Geography
Position: Defensive monster

How/when did you start playing ultimate?

I’ve always enjoyed playing pick-up games or just tossin’ on any available space/surface. I dabbled in a little more structured ulti during my first 2 years of uni. However, I didn’t really learn what a force was until I decided to check out ultimate practices during my first fall semester at UBC in 2012.

559115_10151308062416621_1791271283_nWho is your most influential player?

Fred Lam. He’s a powerful presence. Great teacher. Clear, focused and talented. But most of all, a supportive teammate and fantastic friend. 

What is your favourite ultimate moment? 

When your feet leave the ground…your body goes horizontal…you stretch out your arms…and you KNOW you got the huge block!

Favourite throw/ultimate play?

I’m really enjoying the wild high release flick. 

Any hobbies outside of ultimate?314141_282276135223502_1061188987_n

Running, sailing, climbing, biking, skiing, hiking, geography, dancing, cooking&eating.
Mostly all done together in one huge adventure.


The team gets stuck on an island in a “Lord of the Flies”-type scenario. Who
becomes the leader? What happens

It would be a collaborative leadership between Mugs and Fred. We would stumble upon a
case of good times and then we’d all pass out from the excessive amounts of fun. Then the Ng brothers would show up and think they rule the place. But really they just missed the party

375880_282275791890203_1605750156_nAny interesting facts?

The aorta of a blue whale’s heart is so large that a human could crawl through it. 

Josh is finishing up his undergraduate degree in Geography next year, and will spend the summer organizing trips for kids. Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support Josh and the team, and even get some Thunderbird gear.



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