Player Profile: Fred Lam

Being a veteran leader on a team like the T-Birds entails responsibility, humility, and still being able to perform at a high level. Fred Lam encompasses these qualities in a way that can only be described as “beastly” with his commitment to mental fortitude, team chemistry, and team fitness level. Whether it’s coming up with a big play, studying at tournaments, or cultivating success from other teammates, Fred Lam encompasses the veteran leader characteristics to perfection.




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Name: Fred Lam
Height: 185cm
Age: 22
Field of study: Biopsychology
Position: Athlete

How/when did you start playing ultimate?

In the summer before Grade 8, I went to a summer camp where the flavour du jour was pick-up frisbee. In Grade 8, I was converted to the dark side by a bunch of Grade 12 Minis (Mini School) at Point Grey throwing around at our September Orientation camp. Been a frisbee nerd since.

Who is your most influential player & why?

I have been greatly influenced by my UBC teammate, Edward Guo. His high level of play is a constant reminder that all good things don’t come in the same package. Edward has really shown me that ultimate can be played in more than one way, and if you’re deceived by his outwardly Asian Tourist appearance on the field, he will make you pay with his nimble footwork and avian cunning.

What is your favourite ultimate moment? 

It’s not one singular moment but, the Sunday afternoon, post-tournament beer. Best enjoyed lukewarm and shirt off.

Favourite throw/ultimate play?

I never tire of watching people sky other people, and/or animals.

Any hobbies outside of ultimate?

NFL Fantasy Football

Have you played on any club/pro teams outside of TBirds?397023_10151809640466388_1851594309_n


Any interesting facts about you?

I was born missing one toe on my left foot. Just kidding. I dont’ know, I hate thinking of an answer for the “Interesting fact” question. Makes me feel uninteresting.

Fred is in his 4th year and looks to be finishing up his undergraduate degree next year.  Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support Fred andthe team, and even get some Thunderbird gear.



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