Player Profile: Kevin Chu

presdaycrop-1Today we’re chronicling one of the many faces of the defensive line of the T-Birds. Kevin Chu joined the UBC team last year, in his freshman year, and made an immediate impact covering handlers and fooling people with his crazy high-release backhand. The defensive stalwart brought his talents to Blackfish this past summer, where he contributed greatly also on the D-Line. His quickness and awareness on the field is ranks near the top of the team, and he brings  an admirable attitude to practices.

What are some of your nicknames? 
PK, KChu, PKChu

How long have you been playing ultimate, and how did you start?
5 years. In grade 10 we didn’t have a volleyball team, so I decided to try ultimate. It was a life changing decision.

What is your role on the team?
D-line cutter (and sometimes an unfortunate handler).

What is your favourite throw?
High release backhand.

Do you have a memory to share from your time as a T-Bird?
Trying out for the team during my freshman year at UBC. I remember being so nervous
 throughout all the tryouts that I barely spoke at all and just kept to myself,


and after the last
day I felt like I definitely did not make the cut. But, when I saw my name on the final roster I was completely ecstatic. Being the youngest and the only junior from high school to make it onto the team was pretty exciting.

If you can pick one professional athlete to add to the T-Bird roster. Who is it and why?
Usain Bolt. I heard he’s fast, so he’ll give Guo some competition.
What was your favourite ultimate related moment?
One that stands out was the game against Vortex at regionals when I was playing on Mischief. We were down like 3-4 points and came back to win on universe point. CAUSING TROUBLE BAYBAY!


Most influential person(s) on your ultimate career?
Coach Rags and the Leadership on UBC have definitely impacted my game the most thus far.
What is one thing you would suggest to someone who would like to improve their game?
Toss a disc whenever you can and always carry one with you. You can only get so many reps/touches in during practice.
Check out our fundraising page for info on how to support the team, and even get some Thunderbird gear.

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