Player Profile: Edward Guo


Toeing the line at Douglas Bowl 2013

As we chronicle our journeys throughout our #allin2014 season, I’ll mention some names to some varying degrees of frequency. One that you will hear quite a bit throughout the season, scoring “guo”ls or providing great soundbites, is junior Edward Guo. Guo is a product of McRobert’s high school ultimate, and played a year of junior ultimate before joining the T-Birds in his freshman year. Since then he has excelled as an offensive cutter playing on the T-Birds, and Blackfish, a Vancouver-based club team.

He took the time to answer some questions.

What are some of your nicknames. 

Pijguo, Best Frisbee Player #1 (never heard that one before), “Guo”l Scorer, The Great Wall, “Guo”vis Island. (A new nickname comes up every practice it seems.)

How long have you been playing ultimate, and how did you start


Edward at Spring Reign 2011 as a member of the McRoberts Strikers

6-7 years. My two friends and I knew a couple of the older players on the high school ultimate team, so we decided to give it a shot. Both those two friends quit after the first year and I kept playing ever since. I was also not the best at other sports, so frisbee was a good opportunity for me to be competitive at a sport.

What is your role on the team?

O-line cutter. Cannot reveal more than that.

Do you have a good story from your time as a T-Bird?

In 2012, it was my first year at UBC and also my first year trying out for the
team. I had heard a lot of good things about the team and the legacy that came with it. After the first tryout in the pouring rain, I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out so I couldn’t make any of upcoming ones. I didn’t think I would make the team anymore because I hadn’t gone to enough tryouts, so I just gave up on making the team. But one day one of the leadership members emailed me asking where I was and that they thought I would be a great fit for the team and should come out to the next tryout. That email showed me that the leadership at UBC cared about their players and after the next tryout the rest is history.

You can pick one professional athlete to add to the T-Bird roster. Who is it and why?

Roberto Luongo because he would have the most amazing mark. (Guo and I have made a “Team Earth” in case the fate of the world was up to an ultimate game. Our defensive strategy was indeed a zone where the mark was an NHL goalie, and the wall, full of NBA centres and power forwards. Rounding out the defence was cornerbacks as your mids and another NBA centre as your deep.)

What was your favourite ultimate related moment.


Edward as a member of Blackfish against Sockeye at Flowerbowl 2013

Making Canadian Nationals in 2012 with PowerPack. Powerpack was a mixed team me and a couple friends came up with to try and compete at nationals. All the players on the team were friends and we had a great time competing and having fun. At nationals I learned how to time my cuts better and be a more dangerous player. (Edward played his first year at UBC as a handler on the D line)

Most influential person on your ultimate career.

Coach Seraglia! Has taught me many individual skills to help mould me into the player I am today.

What are some tips you can give to aspiring “Guo”-getters?

Specialize in something you’re really good at and keep working at it until you become even better at it!

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Photos provided by NKolakovic


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