UBC Rumble B’s are off to a strong start!

DSC_1002 cropped-11

On January 25, 2014, the UBC Rumble B’s (UBC Women’s B-team) set off to the island for a friendly face off against UVicious (UVic-B team) on the Victoria campus. This was a very exciting endeavour – UBC Rumble B’s first ever scrimmage against another university. Venturing with a squad of 16 women and coaches Catherine “Chewy” Hui and Ellen Schelew, they set out to play a couple of games to three points, with breaks in between each game to regroup and talk about different strategies and concepts, then end the day off with a full scrimmage to 13. There were athletic plays from both teams and everyone played with great sportsmanship and spirit of the game. It was fantastic to see the support from parents, friends, the UVixens and UVictim who came out to cheer and watch as these two teams played. In the end,  the UBC Rumble B’s came out with the W, and finished the game 13-4. It was a great learning experience for all of the players and the invitation to UVicious has already been requested for a rematch on UBC soil.

Our vision is to foster a supportive environment where these women can make lasting friendships,improve their overall frisbee skills, and have fun doing it. The UBC Rumble B’s is open to all skill levels and all UBC students are welcome to participate! Join us for some serious fun!

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