We’re alive!

With a new year ahead of us and a new college season, UBC Ultimate’s website is back and better than ever. It has been quite some time since we’ve used this website and a lot has changed since 2011 – let’s recap where our team is at now!

UBC Ultimate has now partnered with the Alma Mater Society to become an official UBC club. So our team now has two dimensions to it – the AMS club side of things, as well as the competitive team that competes in the USA Ultimate College Series. As an AMS club we offer a fun and welcoming environment open to anybody interested in ultimate frisbee and meeting new people. We host open practices in the fall for any club members, as well as social events and tournaments that are open to everyone, where we offer a discounted member rate. We’re still pretty new to this whole clubs thing and we’re working on creating the best possible experience for our members, so stay posted for lots of fun and exciting happenings for our beloved members!

Here are our current club executives:

President: Fred Lam
Treasurer: Laurel Jay
Vice President: Jo-Hannah Yeo
Social Coordinator: Mandy Wong
Logistics: Alex Jew
Senior Advisor: Kevin Greer, Keane Knapp
Public Relations: Amy Luo

Both the men’s and women’s team compete in the competitive USA Ultimate College Series, with the goal being to qualify for and win nationals. We practice three times a week and attend 2-3 tournaments throughout the season. For those looking for a different pace, we also offer a semi-competitive B team that practices twice a week and is looking to attend 1-2 tournaments.

Since 2011, the women’s team has qualified for nationals in Boulder, Colorado in 2012 where we placed 11th. In 2013 we also qualified for nationals and finished tied for 5th place. The men’s team have fought hard but were unable to qualify for nationals since 2011 – but there’s no time better than the present, right? Follow along on their quest for nationals this year with #ALLIN2014.

The women’s team has the talent of Tasia Balding and Jenn Kwok of Traffic Ultimate coaching us. We are excited for this dynamic duo of handler/cutter and their combined 20+ years of experience and talent to lead us to nationals once again. The men have welcomed Marc Seraglia of Furious George as their head coach. Under his guidance the boys are looking to make their long-awaited appearance at nationals this year.

Our club and team is fast growing with lots of new up and coming talent every year. The ultimate scene in Vancouver is phenomenal and we’re lucky to be in such a great city with such a massive pool of talent. As well, the growing interest in ultimate in Vancouver and at UBC has helped us foster a great club base thus far and we’re looking to keep on growing. We love this sport and we’re looking to advocate it in as many ways as possible.

Big thanks to the many veterans, alumni, coaches, and sponsors that have helped us get to where we are today. Looking forward to a fantastic 2014!

– Amy Luo, Public Relations


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